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Welcome to Air Pollution Music

Our aim is to deliver a positive message through performing arts and we want to change the way the youth of today thinks, we do charity works and motivational talks.

Air pollution music is the “ugly truth” the thing that community don’t want to hear, it is reality at its best.

What we stand for

Our aim is to spread the message of hope to the hopeless around the world, communitis, youth centres, correctional facilities, schools (urban and rural),orphanage facilities, hospitals, old age homes and disability centres.

We assist the community in general through a holistic and artistic approach to break free from the scourge of poverty, criminal activity and the stigma of ignorance towards life threatening and deadly diseases. Also how to live positively whilst infected with these diseases and we assist recovering drug addicts to acquire wisdom and skills on how to participate in community building activities and to offer creative training programmes inside and outside of rehabilitation centre, we do this through art and motivational talks.