• Kgoshi Moloto III with his wife and Judge Makgoba president of the new Limpopo division of the high court

  • Kgoshi Moloto with his wife

  • Kgoshi Kgabo Moloto III with his wife and SA Reserve Bank Governer Lesetja Kganyago with his wife.

  • Annual Ceremony.

  • Kgoshi Moloto III participating in Kiba during one of the annual ceremonies.

  • Kgoshi Kgabo Moloto III.

  • Kgoshi Kgabo Moloto III addressing guests.

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Ancient history of Bantu speaking people of Southern Africa.

The following paragraphs outline the ancient history as requested by the Bahlaloga Kwena ba Moletši tribal council, representing the whole Bahlaloga tribe. The tribe is presently settled at Moletši kingdom, the leadership had experienced many difficulties illustrated through their historical movements since their origin to date. The tribe's interest was to know and understand the origin of their great-great grandparents (their ancestries) and their lands that they were evicted by white farmers. As this may bring confusion to some of Bantu speaking people of southern Africa, please bear in mind that all writers have different ways of sharing their story.

The following information was collected from the book of Peter Becker, who wrote about the black people‘s immigrations to the south. The book, is entitled `The Bantu speaking people of Southern Africa‘, it has served with maps that illustrating the migration of the black people into the southern part of the continent.Within these movements the Bahlaloga Moloto in general has formed a part of such immigration time, and by then they were not yet classified as Batswana or Sotho, lately Pedi until the date of their departure from the Kgalagadi-Kweneng region in the region of old Bochuana land of Britain in early 1500. Not only Bahlaloga but the Kalangas (Bakgalaka) who were later immigrated into the province of the then Transvaal.

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Heritage Festival

Once a year 'Bahlaloga' all over South Africa come together to celebrate our rich history and heritage.The day showcases our food,music through various traditional dance groups from all villages of Moletjie.

King Bithday: 28 November

28 November marks an important day in the calender of Moletjie people commonly known as 'Bahlaloga'.On this day all subjects of Moletjie from all over the country come to celbrate their King's Birthday.

Moletsi Day : 16 December

Moletsi is almost synonymous with reconciliation day in South Africa which is held on the 16 December every year.The day is celebrated in Dance, Music and song by various cultural and traditional dance groups from across the kingdom.