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Where To Stay

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Rhodes camp is the camp situated at the national parks’ offices. The camp is facing the Rhodes dam. The camp has six lodges that have a single bedroom each and they are ideal for a couple. There are six lodges again that have two bedrooms each. These ones are ideal for a family.

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Udu camp is found at the western side of the park. It is the largest camp in the park. The camp was built facing the UDU dam where it got its name UDU. At this camp there are nine lodges which have two bedrooms but have four beds.

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Camping Facilities

Besides self catering lodges the National park also offers camping grounds. There is the Mare Caravan camping site. At the camping site one is suppose to bring their own camping materials.

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Trout hatchery is a research the station where rainbow trout is found. Rainbow trout was introduced from colder countries such as Canada and Scotland in 1940s. Trout fish farming is done at this research station. It is also one of the attractions in the park.

Mtarazi falls is the highest water fall In Zimbabwe and the second highest in the continent from Tugela Falls found in South Africa. It is 762 meters high. The best time to be here is late in the afternoon when the sun behind the water makes the slender falls gauzy and golden.

Nyangombe falls is a beautiful series of cascading waterfalls located on the western boarders of the park. The falls are an ideal place for photo shooting because you will be interacting with the falls.


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