• We use an innovative approach to pest control.

  • We protect and relieve you of insects and rodents.

  • For all your effective, safe and easy pest control for all commercial, industrial and domestic sectors.

Why do we do what we do?

  • Generate safe, hygienic and healthy environments for our customers (month after month, year after year).
  • We are driven by customer results.

What is it that we do?

  • Provide pest control services to commercial, industrial and domestic sectors.
  • We eradicate rodents and all insects.
  • We provide honest and accurate advice on all available solar products and technologies.

How do we do what we do?

  • With the use of non-harmful gasses and stain-free products.
  • The use of international, green products.
  • By offering a fully HACCP compliant service.
  • PM (Integrated pest management) program is followed.
  • We offer a guarantee on all services rendered.

Why choose Solattz as your business partner?

Solattz believes in cost effective integrated pest control services characterised by:


Our products are awarded with the International Green Colour code because of its unique characteristics and other safety features. All methods and techniques comply with current health and safety regulations to assure a safe working environment.


Cost-efficient methods and techniques based on research and development ensures effective and compliance with environmental regulations.


Advanced management ensure that our technicians are constantly on call with correct equipment to implement solutions with the required effect. By outsourcing non-core business task, our clients may further improve their business by obtaining strategic advantages as well as cost advantages. The management and all employees at Solattz are working together to fulfil the aspiration as a market leader by embracing the following core values:


We adopt ‘win-win’ attitude in the way we conduct our business, especially with you as our business partner in respect of cost effectiveness.


We adopt a ‘pro-active’ attitude in the way we provide services to our clients by taking immediate action where the services is needed through efficiency


We adopt a ‘caring’ attitude in the way we service our clients by sharing the pest burden with you and to provide the most effective pest prevention programme.


We adopt a ‘commitment’ attitude in the way we deliver our services to our clients and we adhere to what we have committed by delivering the service we have agreed upon at the agreed time and uncompromised quality.

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